Canine Influenza Outbreak in Chicago AGAIN?!

I just got a notice from my vet that goes as follows:

Happy Friday, Pets First Family!
It has come to our attention that CIRD, canine infectious respiratory disease, may be rearing its ugly head again this summer. The Veterinary Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove recently sent us a notification that some clinics in the Lincoln Park area have seen a few positive cases of influenza. While Pets First has had no confirmed cases, we have seen an increase in “kennel cough” patients over the last two weeks.

With this in mind, we recommend checking with your daycares to see if they have had any recent cases of canine upper respiratory infection. We also recommend minimizing interactions with other unknown dogs, so it may be best to avoid the dog park for the next few weeks. Symptoms to watch for are sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge, lethargy, and inappetence.

I would like to be sure to remind all of my readers that there is a homeopathic answer to this influenza that is worth checking out and possibly boosting your dog with just in case. It is called Monolaurin. Here is what the homeopathic vet who told me about this supplement had to say:

When lauric acid is consumed in the diet, either in human breast milk or in coconut oil, it forms a monoglyceride called Monolaurin, which has been shown to destroy several bacteria and viruses, along with protozoa like Giardia. Monolaurin is sold in tablet form in the states and I commonly used it to prevent or nip in the bud any flu or cold. Once word got out how effective it was I could not keep it on the shelf in my practice. Clients would routinely get bottles for themselves after they found they got through flu season without a hitch with a little help from this natural product.
Dr. Deva Khalsa VMD

I ordered a bottle for Bart and myself on Amazon and I’ve already given to him when he was having a runny nose and slight cough. These symptoms didn’t last long at all and he’s back to his normal healthy self now.

Click here for a link to the Monolaurin, 90 Count bottle that I bought on Amazon. For about $10 or less, it’s a way better deal than a trip to the vet! Of course you never want to refrain from taking your dog to the doctor if he or she is exhibiting severe symptoms. This is one of the reasons I suggested boosting your pup with Monolaurin now, so that your dog probably won’t catch this yucky illness down he road.

How do you prepare Essiac Tea for dogs?

I get asked this question a lot so I thought I’d put it up here for everyone looking for an answer.  Here’s one of my latest email responses:

I buy my Essiac in bulk from and follow the directions for pets on the website. I believe the way we do it here is 1 tbs. of Essiac to 20oz. of water in a stainless steel pan. Bring to a boil, cover and reduce heat, simmer on a low flame for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally to get all the sediment off the sides of the pan. Then I keep it in an empty and clean wine bottle in the fridge. Screw cap is ideal. We go through it in about 5 to 6 days. Bart is about 60 – 65 lbs. He gets 2 ounces of Essiac with about 2 to 4 ounces of homemade chicken broth, twice daily on an empty stomach. The broth gets him to drink it down. Definitely let your pup drink the sludge too. Just give it all a good shake to make it cloudy before each dose.

I don’t get a commission from the site, but I’ve been using her product from the beginning and I think the 6 ingredient with the sheep sorrel root is the way to go. She’s inexpensive and I get it from her pretty fast. Also make note that some of the ingredients can have a laxative effect, though Bart doesn’t seem too bothered by it.

Offering Distance and Local Healing

Some of you know that I am an energy worker / healer. I became a Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition in 1999. I learned Quantum Touch from its developer, Richard Gordon in 2001 and in 2009 I learned my favorite and the most amazing in my opinion, Reconnective Healing from it’s creator Dr. Eric Pearl.

I work on Bart quite regularly, in fact I just gave him 3 sessions in a row over these past 3 days because he just didn’t seem his regular happy self.  Today he’s back to normal, getting up to see me when I came home from work and responding to my “Hello, I missed you!” kisses with a thumpy tail. It may or may not have been the Reconnective work that changed his disposition, but either way, he really loves the work.

If you are interested in trying it out, Reconnective Healing works great from a distance, and if you live in Chicago and want to experience it in person – for people and animals – I can make house calls within certain distance limits.

I am now offering 20 minute sessions of Reconnective distance healing for $75 a session. For in person sessions the fee is $150 for 30 mins. One session is usually enough, but sometimes two or three over the course of a few days is necessary for a full transformation. I offer a discount for the second and third treatments when they are spaced out within a week’s time. To book an appointment send me a message through my facebook page , and we will discuss a time and date, and other important things you need to know before, during and after our planned session time.

What I do with Reconnective Healing is similar but seemingly more potent than Reiki, especially over distance. It is hands free, but patients feel the energy moving through and around them.  In fact, often they experience slight involuntary movements of the hands, fingers, eyes and feet. This is called “registering.” It’s a really cool, relaxing experience.

Reconnective Healing is recognized around the world as the leader in the emerging field of Energy Healthcare, and has been supported and validated through international scientific research over the past two decades. The benefits of Reconnective Healing are measurable and significant, effecting positive change on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. This powerful form of healing can be learned by anyone, regardless of age, background, former training, or religious orientation. Reconnective Healing has been scientifically shown to:
• Restructure damaged DNA
• Be more than twice as effective as physical therapy in restoring range of motion
• Support athletic peak performance

A new science is emerging that is changing the traditional understanding of health and healing. The latest scientific research is focusing on experiments, which are quantifying the effects of energy, light and information on human beings. Leading the way are an international team of world-renowned scientists, William Tiller, PhD, Gary Schwartz, PhD, and Konstantin Korotkov, PhD, with their studies of the Reconnective Healing Frequencies™, first discovered by Eric Pearl, D.C. The powerful and profound results of this research are attracting the attention of the best and brightest in the scientific community.

Reconnective Healing as defined by Eric Pearl is: “…not just energy healing, but instead a more comprehensive spectrum of healing composed of energy, light and information.” Scientific evidence is presented that supports the capability of external fields or frequencies altering physiological function at the cellular level. The five currently published peer-reviewed research papers involving Reconnective Healing are summarized and critiqued both individually and as a group in terms of whether they provide evidence that Reconnective Healing has consistent physiological outcomes. Clinical data relating to Reconnective Healing are provided by two of the studies, one of which involved 78 participants. The results of all the studies are highly consistent, strengthened by the fact that data were obtained from a variety of very different techniques and that the experiments were performed by different groups of research scientists. These results indicate:  exposure of a healer or healee to Reconnective Healing, either directly or indirectly, amplifies their degree of autonomic arousal and energy,  Reconnective Healing can reduce pain and improve range of motion in people with shoulder limitations better than Physical Therapy, and when individuals experience Reconnective Healing as a group, their autonomic function becomes entrained, meaning they are emotionally connected.

Below is a great excerpt from “dogcast radio” about Reiki and dogs if you would like an idea of what to expect. Just click on the highlighted link.

Dog Cast Reiki


A very generous donation! Thank You!

I have been slowing down on my work on this site, posting less regularly to keep up in Google searches and stay current. It costs a lot of money annually to keep it up and I don’t really sell anything on here. I do get some commissions from when people buy some supplements, but it rarely amounts to more that $8 or $15 a month.

Yesterday I received an anonymous donation that was stunning to see! I want to thank whoever sent me some money. As it turns out, I received about the amount that it takes to keep the website going for a year with Aweber and hosting.

I realized it because I went to buy a bottle of Carnivora for Bart through paypal which told me I have a balance. I’m really surprised and delighted! I will keep going and make sure the site stays current in the search engines because of you and your generosity!

I’m absolutely blown away! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thistles and Weeds, the All Pervasive Health Food Disguised as Lawn Nuisances.

Americans in general have been brainwashed into believing that nothing but plain green grass is the ideal status symbol of suburban wealth and pristine cleanliness. It’s actually more of a tell-tale sign of a cultural epidemic of people who are tragically disconnected and far removed from the planet and nature that sustains us all. If we had any kind of awareness about the world that surrounds us, we would cherish diverse vegetation and scrupulously diagnose patches of green grass void of variety.  Instead, so many have everything backwards.

However, one of the beauties of nature is that no matter how evil Monsanto and the like get, no matter how clueless and obsessive the average American is about a sterile green lawn, nature will always prevail. She sneaks up behind and pushes up healthy goodness right under our noses. Dandelions, mulberry trees, blue chicory flowers, milk thistle, and plantain are all wonderfully medicinal health foods begging us to notice and reap the benefits nature has to offer.

When medicine is intended to treat an illness without nourishing and enriching the body, it isn’t real medicine. It is really just another symptom of the disease it is believed to be healing.  Most medicine is based on natural food sources, whether found in the rainforest or our own backyard, and I for one am more interested in finding out which foods are the inspirations for so-called “miracle drugs.”

Do yourself a favor and look into some of the totally free remedies you may be harboring in your own yard.

1. Dandelions contain vitamins A, B, C, D, iron, potassium and zinc. They are believed to be effective against diabetes, stomach ailments and diarrhea.

2. Mulberries are a superfood that combats cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, diabetes, weight gain, etc.

3. Blue Chickory is great for diabetes.

4. Red Clover for women who have never had breast cancer, is helpful in alleviating hot flashes during menopause.

5. Milk thistle helps to detox the liver

6. Plantain (the stuff that grows between cracks in the sidewalk, not the banana) is great for skin conditions used as a topical, as well as possibly a cancer fighter as a tea or eating the young leaves like a salad.

If you have any “weeds” that you like to champion for their medicinal properties, let me know what they are by hitting the comment button below and leaving a reply.

Disclaimer: For educational purposes only.  This is not to be construed as medical advice.  Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice in the United States.  Consult the healer of your choice for medical care and advice.